Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Proposed change of scenery

I am currently cramped in my lowsec system.  There are 4 planets with good (2%) tax, and one with OK tax.  However, I am missing access to all the resources I need at a price I want to pay.

I have bought out all the cheap sell orders in the area; and local buy orders are not reliably filled.

On top of that; the system appears to be a pipeline to null, with unfriendly hunters camp it on the weekend; and often during the week.  This is inconvenient.

I now have a Viator (T2 cloaky hauler).  Everyone agrees that these are good things to have, and that they are 'impossible' to catch if I do the right things every time.  Hunters have been telling me this, so they must be right??

(There is also a complete lack of consensus as to how to fly or fit one, but that is a discussion for another day).

Impossible is a big word.  I have nightmares about coming across heavy interdictors (whatever they are), and a gate entrance swarming with drones and containers.

I have survived gate camps in my Viator, but I also survived with an Iteron Mark IV with lots of warp core stabilisers and lots of shield.  This does not mean that I desire to stick my head into a noose.  If I am not there, I can't be shot at.  I prefer to avoid camped gates.

One of the fears I have is that a couple of dreadnoughts would come and re-arrange the furniture; deciding to take out my customs offices and put up their own.  It happened in the system next door; I had purchased the mats for a customs office, and had organised with someone to take out the NPC station.  Then infrastructure started being re-inforced all over the place.  I have a web of blue (I talk to anyone and everyone), and players would come for 'the good fight', but I have very little desire to have one.  A good fight is where you you win by a small margin.  I would prefer to win by a very large margin; or avoid the fight altogether.  I also have nothing resembling 'twitch' reflexes.  And no-one deliberately turns up to be roflstomped - well not in expensive ships anyway.

I however have visited a class 2 wormhole with a low security static.  I lack the resources, character skills and player skills to properly exploit this wormhole.  Umm.  That has never stopped me.  I also should not have been in and out of lowsec in a t1 industrial either, putting up customs offices that I would be ... hard pressed to defend.

In the wormhole I have a basic frigate with a probe launcher and a cloak.  I also (now) know how to tell the difference between a sleeper site and a wormhole entrance.  One of these has ships that makes rookie ships go boom; the other one only might have ships.

The wormhole is largely untouched; an abandoned POS; a couple of (cheapish) player customs offices, and a (nearly) full set of planets.

There are a couple of other players that are interested in the wormhole, and we have plans of moving in.  We are gonna real soon now.  Honest.  As soon as I have the courage.  And these orders sell to free up isk.

Customs offices, command centers, control towers, structures, boats, probes, fuel, alts, blueprints.  I know we will forget something, and that the wormhole will collapse several times before I get what I want in there.  Logistics will be a pain.

The other great thing about a class 2 wormhole?  There is a maximum size of ship I need to worry about.  While a few unfriendly battleships can certainly turn up and ruin my day; my chances of defending infrastructure against a battleship or 3 are far better than my chances against a pair of dreadnoughts.

This sums up my upcoming WH move. 

So you sit in your camp and you stare at the fire
The doubt drops away as the hopes get higher
And you sing to yourself
It’ll be all right in the long run

And the sun gives ground to a long cold night
And you screw up your courage for another fight
But you know in your heart
It’ll be all right in the long run

After all; whats the worst that can happen?

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  1. I'm interested in your Class 2 wormhole ... totally a stranger of course but as a USTZ player I'm also in for a change of scenery and have been looking for just that type of WH. If you want to discuss an arrangement hit me up, RAGELLE in game.


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