Friday 7 September 2012

Lo Sec PI

As some may be aware; I am a large fan of low security PI; but it does come at cost.

The benefits are the potential for significantly reduced tax rates as well as better resource extraction.  I have access to 4 Player owned customs offices (poco) at 2% tax; two of which are mine and two are an alliance member's.

I pay tax on my own poco simply to assist with accounting and keeping track of roughly what I am saving via owning some, and answering an important question.  Is it better to own my own?  Is it better to negotiate with others for cheap access?

There are some local hunters who also use my Poco's;  They regularly sweep the area, keeping undesirables on their toes; and I provide cheap access in return.

However, I have lost a lot of ships.  An Iteron was never designed as a low security hauler.  It is in fact spectacularly bad at it.

I started a second account; and had an empty basic t1 hauler scout with a toon that had no implants, acting as bait ahead of my real hauler.  I was too predictable; and unfriendly hunter sitting cloaked on gate took out my second ship. Yes I did see that he was in local, but assumed he was too far away.  He also has a scout alt in the preceding system.

I talk to anyone and everyone.  There was another hunter who I thought was friendly without confirming it, who turned out not to be.  That said; talking still works.  I then asked the hunter what it would take to be blue.  He has a dislike of pure industrialists. In return for being mostly left alone, I put together an Atron tackling ship; and now just need to work out when is a good time to go on a roam.  I have no intention of crapping in my own back yard.  I also want to learn how a hunter on a roam works; in order to better defend against it.  Going on a couple of roam turns theoretical into practical knowledge.   For me this is win/win.  Hopefully this weekend.

What is currently working for low security planetary interaction:
  • Keep your friends close.  Talk to the locals.  Make new friends.
  • Keep your enemies closer.  Talk to the locals after you have been killed.  Put them on your watch list.
  • Some hunters and hunted alike will deliberately stay logged in; so you can not tell when they are active.
  • A scout ship tells you at least who is in local.  An empty industrial ship makes great bait. It however is not foolproof.
  • Immediately after downtime is a good time to shift product.  Anyone on is active and not AFK.  (one of the few advantages of my timezone in Eve).
  • There are more hunters on the weekend than during the week.  Local fills up with hunters on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Warp stabilisers are the best 'tank' on an Iteron.  The only time I have escaped with an Iteron intact is when I had more stabilisation than they had disruptors.  
  • Yes I know that heavy interdictors can lock me regardless, but I am yet to see one.
  • The time you spend at a poco is only for loading and unloading the customs office.  Warp to a 'Random' Safe Spot and cloak to shift goods between planet and customs office.  Once goods are on planet, then you can sit in a station or in hisec and re-do your planet.
What will be nice is that I am about to finish training on a cloaky hauler.

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