Monday 24 September 2012

Moving in

The biggest problem we had with getting properly set up in our wormhole system was working out how to get a large amount of structures and ships into here.

We consistently have a wormhole to low security space, and consistently have a wormhole to an adjacent C2 wormhole system.

Scan down the entrance to low security space, so much easier when I got a scanning frigate in here rather than just a disposable rookie ship with probes.  Mad panic to get a large (hisec) ship to get gear into range, then my cloaked hauler within range, and run the low security gauntlet.

I "know" I can't be hit with my Viator, but I still panic when I see red flashing ships on my overview.  On a recent trip back to high, I saw an accumulation of wrecks and cargo containers on the border of high/low security space; each trip had more.  My cloak works well, but if I hit one of those containers I am toast. Mmm.  Maybe no more trips here. 

However, our C2's also has another C2 static.  I started exploring these.  Over the last week or so, half of these have had a highsec exit;  The other advantage has been that some of our native lowsec exits have ended up 44 jumps from anywhere, where going via a neighboring C2/highsec exit has been as little as 4 from Jita, and 6 from Dodixie.

An Orca would be ideal to bring into here, especially with a scouting toon via a C2/highsec route, and would be an effective (if expensive) ship to shut down our C2 wormholes (maximum ship size 300,000,000 kg).  One day when and a lot more skillpoints, (i.e. toons grow up) I will get one.

The Viator can hold some cargo with up to 10k m3 of cargohold, but my Iteron mark V can hold up to 38k m3, or nearly 4 times as much; depending on how I fit my low slots, and use giant secure containers.  Sometimes 1 jump in a less secure ship is has less risk than 4 return trips in a secure one, especially via a scouted C2/highsec route.

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