Wednesday 12 September 2012

Staring into the abyss.

I thought players were interested in wormhole space.  I now know it.  Not everyone sure; but there are players wanting to join.  I am very sympathetic to the idea.

My own plans are somewhat vague.  I really don't know what I am going to do with wormholes until I set up in there.  This rambling post reflects my confusion.
  • Planetary interaction?  Definitely.  
  • NPC's sites? probably.  
  • Maybe mining just to have a look.  
  • Explore adjacent wormholes? Most likely.  
  • Die to due unwanted visitors? almost certainly.
  • Attack transient neighbours?  probably not.
  • Player owned stations; most likely : costing about 200-400M each per month depending on size; for fuel blocks; either purchased outright or as forgone income.  (I won't use a small as primary POS).
This is excluding any capital costs.

Everything I have read says that wormholes are not a single person endeavour.  A C2 wormhole is enough to keep a few people busy, but how many?  Conflict arises when there are insufficient activities to keep everyone acceptably busy and in ISK

I have far more industrial skills than I have combat skills.  Some combat skills will be needed to take advantage of the sleeper sites.  Some combat skills will eventually be required for defense.  So, I am industrial in nature; I like building games.  Pew Pew is something that comes second for me.  I however can use pew pew players.

I have received an application from a pew pew'er.  Going from little more than a name I can tell a bit about you.  Specifically - are you the type to pew pew or not.  Do you target industrialists? others that PVP? pods?  While there is justification in everything; someone who has pew pewed before will want to pew pew again.  I don't need to find more people who will pew pew at me, as I already know where to find them.

A good thing about pew pew space is that it is constantly changing.  PVP'ers will have access to a constantly changing lowsec environment.  PVE'ers will have spawning sites both locally and in neighbouring C2's.  For hisec or lowsec I would recommend someone with pew pew experience look elsewhere; But for wormhole space? I think we can keep them busy.

I found this guide very useful.  I am proposing different operating procedures, and while not entirely agreeing with a document designed for life in a larger corp in a C5, it still was a useful read.

But to that player who contacted me; please see the 'Foo Holdings' tab at the top of this blog, I will want to run some background checks, and the instructions are listed.  My background is very visible, not just on this blog but on my other game blog too.

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  1. A c3 will keep 3-5 (2-3 hours a day) active players active, a c2 will keep 5-10 medium active players active. This depends on your ships though and what you like to do.

    A wh has:
    Combat Sites

    Some weeks you'll get Grav after grav and mine until your eyes bleed. The next week you'll get nothing in your hole but people will be k162'ing into your hole everyday and you'll be stealing their sites and closing holes.

    I LOVE living in a wh, but you need to be prepared to do a huge variety of activities one week, and repetitive activities the next. Also: Fly a tengu.


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