Monday 24 June 2013

Future of industrials

Right now, the Iteron mark V is clearly the best ship for transferring goods between low class wormholes and empire space.

It has 2 highslots, meaning you can mount both a probe launcher and a cloak.

It has an abundance of mid and low slots, giving a large variety of configurations (cargo, stabilisers, tank are the most common options)

It also is not as destructive on wormholes as the largest hauler you can take into a c2-4 wormhole.

A C2 wormhole can take 2,000,000,000 kg.

An orca is 250,000,000 kg; 4 round trips will break one.  Wormhole residents use Orcas and Battleships to deliberately break one.

An Iteron Mark V is 11,750,000 kg; 85 round trips to break one.  While each Iteron Mark V holds 1/2 of what an Orca can, the total volume that can be hauled through any given wormhole is much much bigger. I have known wormhole residents to break a wormhole with convoys of Iteron Mark V's when they get a good connection.

In a wormhole, Iteron Mark V's also have the solo survivability of a solo Orca.  That is blessed all.  I have been tackled in a wormhole with an Orca, and been tackled in my Iteron Mark V.  The only difference is how long it took me to 'pop'.  I will admit that my orca did not have 2 warp core stabilisers, an expensive mistake.  The extra stabilisers may not have saved me anyway.
There are two things that I have mixed feelings about:
  • Large Haulers to get only 1 high slot. (down 1).  For us the Iteron Mark V has been the pinnacle of wormhole hauling.  Easy on the wormholes, large storage, a cloak and a probe if you get stuck.  It has been the only ship to use.  The loss of that highslot means we have less fallback options; and probably means a dedicated scanning frigate per interim system (for us - generally 1).  We will have 'interesting choices' that have to be made; but for us; this is a hard nerf.
  • The Bestower takes the crown as the largest hauler (39201m3 t1 rigs/t2 expanders/max skill) from the Iteron Mark V (38433m3 similar configuration).  While the manufacturer in me rejoices; the pilot weeps. I trained Gallente Industrial 5 to have the maximum size T1 hauler.  The difference is marginal (2%), but I fear I am still coming down with the beginnings of bitter vet syndrome.

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  1. Looks like Rise actually paid attention. they are changing how they are changing stuff (you get your second high slot back ) and actually making the 4 red headed stepchildren interesting. can't get at the forum from work, but he both updated the old forum post and has a new detailed forum thread.



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