Monday 10 June 2013

How to sell the wormhole

In previous posts, I have talked about finding wormholes, and who might be interested in buying different types.  This is great theory, but theory doesn't pay the bills until you have been given ISK.

Remember, you are going to be paid ISK largely for a bookmark to a system that you claim to be empty.  A bookmark that is generally going to expire tomorrow if your lucky, and is already expired if you are not.

As anonymous mentioned in a comment to an earlier post, is your friend, post here.  The 'sponsors' of this site (Taggart) also run the in game channel "Wormhole sales".  There is also the default game provided channel "Wormholes" (TODO: Check on exact channel name).  Those associates you had from 2 years ago that were maybe thinking of wormhole space? Send them an evemail.  The Eve sales forums are also worth trying.  I personally have had success selling via my own blog.

Be polite, mention :
  • The signature of the wormhole i.e. J100001
  • That there are no active forcefields (after checking of course)
  • Your asking price

As a buyer, I have an idea of what I am looking for in a system.  That signature allows me to use,, or other programs to tell me what kind of system I am looking at, far better than even most sellers know.  What the signature does not tell me, and what I am buying from you, is how to get there.

Normally in Eve, when you have something to sell in Eve, it doesn't go 'off''.  Wormholes are different.  16 hours, 24 hour or 48 hours for higher class wormhole systems.  It has taken me 4 days to make a sale.  I do not want to leave my 'hauler/manufacturer/researcher' (and for you probably fighter) in a backwater wormhole for a week.  That is what scanning alts are for.  I scan down an appropriate exit with my 'do things' pilot, and then have my scanning pilot ready to fly in. 

My scanning alts have a basic scanning frigate, with a prototype cloak, expanded launcher and many probes.  Sister probes/launchers items are a bonus.  I am also in the process of fitting the new scanning mods (Scan acquisition, pinpointing and rangefinding arrays).

How long does that wormhole last?  Look at the entrance (i.e. not the K162 side) and compare the signature on this eve uni list

Wormhole sales are a 'trust' sale; two parties, generally unknown to each other, are making a large transaction.  Is the seller both competent and trustworthy.  Is the buyer similarly trustworthy?

Someone has to hand over something first; either ISK or a bookmark.  Options include :
  • Someone deciding to trust the other party; possibly with a 1/2 isk up front, 1/2 on payment.
  • Using a broker;  Taggart (via in game channel "Wormhole sales") charges a total of 10%; with the expectation of 5% paid by the buyer, 5% by the seller.  The problem with brokers is that they are not always available now, leading to a higher likelihood of wanting that scanner alt to hold the system for you.

Good hunting.  And if you happen to find wormhole with a highsec static and great PI, feel free to post it on, evemail DoToo Foo, or even drop a comment here.

For an alternative guide to selling wormholes :

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