Friday, 7 June 2013

Patch thoughts.

The industrial is dead!

Long live the Iteron Mark V (was it really back in Feburary when I thought this might be the case?)

1 point of skill to learn, the Iteron Mark V holds more than anything else; even up against a Mammoth with Minmatar Level 5.  There are probably some specific use/fitting scenarios where the use of something else is recommended, but this will definitely streamline my PI gathering on way too many alts. 

While the Orca has larger cargo holds, it quickly destroys our C2 wormholes, if we want to shift stuff we were already using a mix of Iteron Mark V's and Mammoths depending on pilot.  Now there is one less ship type for us to stock.

Yes, Industrial tiericide is on it's way at some stage; but not yet today.

Probes no longer decloak ships

Patch Notes
I used to use a swarm of drones plus scanning probes to assist in decloaking ships.  Not often, and generally on structure defense.  I am now a sad panda.  Oh well. 


I still have not done any, but from the results I have seen on both blogs and from corp member results, it is much faster.

Undock button: 

Muscles need to learn new habits.  I don't spend much game time docked in stations.  But when they do; they want to undock from the bottom left, not the top right.  I will get use to it.


I had such plans to be prepared.  Oh well, I had recent distractions; both in game (good and bothersome), as well as in real life.  ... You can't always get what you want; but if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need.

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