Wednesday 5 June 2013

The (partially) unprepared for patch

You know there is this great big patch coming real soon, and your a bit behind in your preparations.

You have your ship blueprints scheduled to come out when the patch does (with the intention of selling them), and you know that you have time to get those last few bits and pieces where you want them.

Then trouble strikes; a wardec is declared.  Oh bother.  Well, I had a highsec tower; was anchored a few months ago as a place to grow into, so that our market pilots could take up research in their spare time.

It is midnight local time when I get to our control tower, and hit the unanchor button.  One hour!! Really?  Oh bother.  In the meantime I dare not log off or fall asleep - at least not until I get a trusted friendly pilot over here to take in the unachored tower.

Well, our friendly pilot finally turns up in a frigate; having been 25 jumps away, while I am doggedly putting together an industrial that we can both fly, and that has space for the control tower; they are moderately large.

We are discussing the merits of my disembarking my cheap industrial in space for my fellow pilot, next to the POS, docking/logging out then heading to bed, when I am disconnected.  12:50 am.  I really should be in bed, and am drifting in and out of sleep.

Mmm.  Nothing.  No forums access either.  I check 'Aura' on my phone (also on another ISP), it has bad news too.  I place the phone next to my bed and collapse next to it.  Not that it did me any good; I woke up to a blaring alarm way way to early for work.  Check Eve, it is still down.

Go to work, come home again, and eve is just up.  Grab the POS, and dock up.  Advice for those on-lining defensive modules: when putting up a large number of POS modules, use an audible timer.  If you have 30 POS modules, each taking 2 waiting time to online, it is very easy to either (A) do nothing else for an hour, or (B) miss valuable time while doing other things.

My intention was always to use this patch to try to sell a few extra blueprints; I am still dabbling in them, and am not yet sure of what I am doing. 

I am somewhere between totally unprepared and where I wanted to be.  I should have done more specifically for the patch earlier.  Oh well.

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