Friday, 16 August 2013

Berial's PI Bible

I do a lot of PI and have ideas and plans , but also believe that you should seek other ideas on how to set it up.

Language warning; I am just a little too refined to use some of the language in this document, but I found a link to a PDF on PI on

That I happen to disagree with some of the layouts and final products is a matter of preference, and possibly due to the planets we have available.


  1. I used this guide as the basis for my setup. What parts do you disagree with? Should I consider producing a different product?

  2. Xerxes, I have seen what you are producing; you are doing fine. My disagreements with Berial's plans are preferences rather than fundamental issues.

    I like making IRD's. I like importing cheaper components; P1, P2 and P3. Berial's plans makes it all himself.

    I also like to use not stress about getting extraction planets to give me exactly what I need, and will tolerate both under and over supply of mats. If an extraction planet cant feed a lot of P1 factories; I will use extra P2 factories to fill the pg/cpu.

    For some planet types, I will also deliberately used 2 separate units consisting of: 1 ECU, 1 lauchpad, 2-3 factories each; on different parts of the planet. I will occasionally use this to get extra extraction out of a lava or gas planet for chiral structures or Oxidising compound.

    Another thing Berial has in his plans is the need to wait 1 extraction cycle before linking storage units to factories; there is no need to wait this long. Use the 'routing' button on the storage unit to start your routing when initially setting up. That said; I had to have the same point rammed down my stubborn throat by a persistent (and correct) commenter on my blog. this comment

    All in all; these are picky complaints. Berial's guide is solid, and the method he uses can flow on to other resource types as well.


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