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Reasonable things : vote now

CSM8 have come up with a short list of 'reasonable things' to take to CCP for suggested changes, with a 'shortish' available at

Log into, and leave a comment.

For those seeking my recommendation; your comment could be : <your pilot name>, 01, 09, 15, 67, 98, 18, 06, 22, 31, 37, 43, 51, 82, 92, 94

Obviously replacing <your pilot name> with whatever your in game pilot is. Apparently it must match the pilot's name you logged in with.

If you want assitance coming up with your own sorted list, might help.

This list is the player community going cap in hand to CCP, saying "please sir, can I have some more"; but without being immediately thrown out of the workhouse.  I think (see suggestion 49).

Below is a list of things I would like done, and a list of things I think do not belong in this list.  I have nothing against rebalancing PVE vs PVP or increasing supply of NPC items; I just do not think that such rebalancing belong in a 'Little Things' or 'Medium Things' list passing itself off as something that everyone wants.

There are other things I like, but these are at the top of my list.

Things I like:

I like many things on this list, but below is the shortlist.  I probably would not mind
01 : Alliance Bookmarks (like corp but available across alliance).

Notes: This would hopefully a) make life easier in coordinating an alliance and b) reduce the overall number of bookmarks.

As someone who runs with multiple corporations sharing bookmarks, this will be a godsend.  And yes, I have just about finished learning Empire Control, and would be prepared to spend the 1B + ongoing alliance fees as a (hopefully) one-off cost to minimise the time taken in duplicate scanning or sharing of bookmarks.

09 : Add personal SMAs to POSes.

I want to provide (mostly) secure storage to corp members.  The only current way to provide "secure" ship storage to multiple pilots at the moment is to store your vessels in an assembly array's (or maybe a CHA) division.  This approach is limited to 7 players.

15 : In addition to 'Log Off' and 'Quit Game', add a button to take you directly to the character selection screen.

I am a multiboxer. Please make this the character selection screen for *this account*All this needs is for the client to remember the login token that the character selection screen already uses.

As an alternative, allow me to have multiple launchers open concurrently.

67: Allow multiple identical BPCs to be combined into a bigger BPC that can take the combined number of runs.

This change will assist dedicated manufacturers. 

98. Allow "batches" of jobs to be done. Instead of inventing 1 BPC at a time you can put batches of 20 BPC to invent so you don't need to babysit invention every hour.

For many of my equipment T2 invention run, an invention job every hour?  Really?   Some of them take 6 hours.  Even for non-manufacturers; if you want cheaper T2 rigs put this one in your want list.

18. Allow drugs (boosters) to be contained in contracts.
Again, I can sell them on the open market, but not 'privately'?  Really?  If anything this is the wrong way around.

06 Changing t3 subs on POS SMA. (Note: Same as #31, votes for either will be combined)
Many (other) wormhole residents use T3's, T3's need wormhole components, but I cant reconfigure one in wormhole space?  Really?  I don't even use T3's and think this is a serious shortcoming.

22 Status indicator to show you when you're inside a warp bubble.
Having been ganked recently I would appreciate knowing when I can warp out without simply spamming and praying.  Of course with my ganking, it would have made zero difference but oh well.

37 Allow pos mods to be built at a pos.

Believe me; running a pos is expensive enough; why put additional restrictions on it?  I would however require the titan building array to be build in the titan building array;  I still don't want titans in my wormholes.

43 Give the user the option of "auto stacking" inventory in both cargo hold and hangar.

Some modules in POS refuse to be stacked because I don't have enough space for Stack 1 and Stack 2 AND Stack 1+2. It is painful.

51 Make it so the arrows to move probes are always 90 angle to the camera so the wider side is always clickable.
There is no surprise that the wormhole pilots of Chitsa and James want this.

82 Ability to create bookmarks that expire in 12hours 24 hours 48 hours.
Not as important as some of the others, but when you bookmark a wormhole, a site, or some loot, it doesn't need to be there later.

92 Every list in the game should have a filter box.
Have you ever tried to find someone in Jita's 'guest in stations'?

94. Allow directors to remove items from a Personal Hangar Array at a POS.
Sometimes I am going to replace towers (upsize, downsize, change type).  I love the idea of a personal hanger array.  However, I am going to end up destroying players property when I do one of these changes simply because I can't ensure that they are empty.

Things I don't like as part of 'reasonable things'

Please note; I would accept these changes as part of a rebalance, probably without comment.  But they should be considered a rebalance and not simply 'reasonable'.

Make implants recoverable from corpses, possibly by the reprocess facility in stations.
PVP'ers would love this.  Some players would become profitably gankable regardless of what ship they flew in. It is however a clear increase of supply to an easily destroyed NPC provided item.

When an SMA or CHA is destroyed, the contents should drop.
My objection is that this is simply a buff to PVP structure bashers and a nerf industry POS players. This should be done for balancing reasons, not because it is 'Reasonable'. If you wish to encourage industrialists into wormhole space, make it less profitable to attack their player bases. If there are too many industrialists in wormhole space, make it more profitable to attack them. I already provide enough ships to be attacked for those looking for ganks.

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