Thursday, 8 August 2013

The fish that got away.

We sometimes look for highsec exits to shift stuff to or from our C2 wormhole. 

As normal, this means finding a neighbouring C2 and wishing it has a highsec exit; about 30% of them do.  It also involves wishing that they are empty of active traffic; about 80% of them are. (numbers are subject to confirmation bias; nothing scientific in them at all).

So scan down our neighbouring C2's entrance; hop in there, drop probes; warp somewhere; cloak up; Scan.  DScan.  I tend to use T1 scanning frigs.

Your initial scan pinpoint is pretty crappy, and may leave you 10K off the wormhole.  Warping to zero to this scan is like autopiloting in (quiet) lowsec.  You can do it.  I would not advise it.

So instead, I warp to a distance off the initial bookmark.  Depending on the day; this might be as little as 30k; as much as 70k.  I don't use 100k as I think in the past I tried it and didn't get a 'good' bookmark out of it.

So you warp to 30k; bookmark the exact location and warp somewhere else.  I tend to do this for both of the neighbouring C2 bookmarks.

You can then warp back to zero and actually land directly on the wormhole (disruption bubbles excepted)

Well tonight I did my standard warping, and when I finally landed on the B274 (C2 to Highsec) exit, there was a hunter.  Mmm.  Plenty of notice on the overview; Select the wormhole even before leaving warp and spam the Enter wormhole button on the 'selected item' window.  No warp bubble and land at zero, no problems. 

Elevated pulse rate, but that's ok.  So what to do now?  After my last effort, I am not bringing my Iteron fleet through this wormhole.  Mmm.  I know, I will orbit the wormhole and cloak up, just to see what they do.

Why do I have wormhole transition effects?  Oh dear.  I entered the blessed wormhole.  At least it is not Asakai.

I look at the overview; and now there are two blessed hunters, and I am polarised.  DON'T PANIC.  (ok you can panic a little).  No useful bookmarks worthy of the name, but there is a planet not too far off a direct line of site.  Ok.  Try to warp to a significant distance away from it's customs office.  Activate defensive mods.  Pray.

Ok something worked.  I am in warp, and not even any chirping.  As soon as I get out of warp, change direction, and activate my prototype cloak.  (Prototype cloaks are cheap, relatively easy to learn even on a scanning alt).

See on the overview that the vagabond chased me, but warped to planet.  Silly vagabond.  I like my cloaks.  Nice cloak.

Watch scan a bit more.  Oh; you like multiple warp disruptors and cargo containers, Vagabonds (heavy assault cruiser) and Broadswords (heavy interdiction cruiser).  I don't like HIC's; at least not in enemy hands.

Hmm.  I don't like losing ships even if it would probably be faster.  Lets make a deep(ish) safe spot by warping to a far off planet and dropping a bookmark part way there, then warping back to it.

I attempt to 'safe log off';  Dscanning for combat probes.  And succeed.

I am not out of the 'danger zone' yet, having left my ship in a wormhole that has some overlap in timezone with me.

I would much rather practice this in a throw away frigate rather than ... some other ships.

P.S. Between drafting this post and finally hitting publish, I got my frigate out, no problems.

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