Wednesday 9 May 2012

Claim your gifts

Thanks to the goblinworks channel in Eve for heads up on this one.  (It might be in the Eve loading screen but if so, I missed it.)

Login to the community website, and choose one of these sets.
  • Fire All Lasers (with Dignity) - Omen and Maller (Cruisers) + Medium Energy Turret and Amarr Cruisers (Skill Books)
  • Duty, Honor, State (and Missiles) - Caracal and Moa (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Hybrid Turret, Heavy Missiles, Caldari Cruiser (Skill Books)
  • Deadly Elegance (Drones Extra) - Vexor and Thorax (Cruisers) + Medium Hybrid Turret and Gallente Cruisers (Skill Books)
  • Heavy Iron (Rusted) - Stabber and Rupture (Cruisers) + Assault Missiles, Medium Projectile Turret, Heavy Missiles, Minmatar Cruiser (Skill Books)
  • Plug and Play - Full set of +2 Attribute Implants (Limited Ocular Filter Beta, Limited Neural Boost Beta...etc...)
  • Refine Your Skills - Memory Augmentation Standard and Cybernetic Subprocessor Standard (Implants) + Scrapmetal, Ice and all other ore Processing (Skillbooks)
  • Drill Bits - 10x each ore mining crystal I's (10x Arkonor Mining Crystal I, 10x Bistot Mining Crystal I...etc...10 x Veldspar Mining Crystal I)
  • A Paxist Treasure - Pax Ammaria - Collector's Item

After you have selected your gift, you will get a new 'Redeem Item' option on the character selection screen the next time you login.

I am always somewhat ambivalent about in game freebies (I had been making some ISK selling some of the above - a market that is temporarily squashed), but that won't stop me taking some advantage of the above.  Failing anything else, you can sit on your choice (and possibly pick up some with cheap buy orders) and sell it later.

 To join the goblinworks channel, right click on the chat icon open channels and search for it.

The current Goblinworks message of the day follows:

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  1. I had forgotten about this, so thanks for reminding me, yesterday I got my 2 new cruisers and the 2 skill books, it´s market price is more or less 20 million ISK. So do not forget to get yours. Its Free.


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