Sunday 27 May 2012

Low level missions and standing

I occasionally run an L1 or L2 mission.

Low level missions (L1 and L2) are awful in what they pay - ISK, standing gains and Loyalty points.  I understand that if you have been 'bad' then L1 missions are 'better' than nothing, but they still are undesirable.

I currently have access to L4 missions and for distribution missions these are very easy; My ship has enough cargo for 2-3 of these concurrently (Iteron IV with cargo extenders).  The ISK is not as good as trading from buy orders; but even with Margin Trading 4, I am running out of ISK for buy orders before running out of buy slots.  As I want standing with lots of corporations (at least for buying and refining ore), Mission running L4's is a good fallback activity.

L4 distribution missions pay - lets call it 200,000 ISK + the same in bonus.  L2 missions pay - lets call it 20,000 ISK + the same in bonus.  Similar order of magnitude differences occur on both Loyalty points and Standing gain.  So why bother with poor rewards? 

Connections 4.  This skill raises a 0.01 standing to roughly 1.6.  It has absolutely no effect on a corporation that has a standing of 0 or lower.   This is enough standing to make a difference for refining (my current 'preferred' activity) of roughly 1.3%.  On a 10 Million ISK refining of Veldspar, that is roughly 130,000 ISK. 

A single L1 or L2 mission of any kind successfully completed gives me the difference between a zero raw standing and a non-zero raw standing, allowing the Connections  to do it's 'magic'.

I expect to be refining well into the future at a lot of different systems.  If I am at a system collecting ore and I don't yet have any standing with them - I look to see if I can do any missions for them.  I might not get a full 'L4' mission bonus out of them this time, but the chances are that if I bought ore here once, I am likely to be back here later buying ore from the same miners.


  1. If you want lot of corp standings, Social 5 might worth it.

  2. Social 5 is on the todo list : along with a lot of other lvl 5 skills.

  3. To clarify : Level 5 of social is on my todo list. I already have level 4.

  4. For getting ISK so far I am doing security missions, the market is still on study for me, so to get me some starting ISK and have some fun I got in some security mission.
    I was able to “grind” my way to L3 missions, the pay is not bad for now, can get up to 2 million on some, excluding loot and salvage. You get the mission reward+bonus+ bounty for killing wanted NPC´s.

    Off course I had to buy a Battleship, my first was the Mymiron, after I got my cruiser Vexor blown up, I had to save 60 Million for one and fitting. But after a while off doing all those L1 and L2 missions, and loot and salvage my ass off I was able to do the necessary ISK.

    Now the major differences between the 2 types of missions are they take longer to make then the distribution ones, more dangerous, I lost my Vexor because I take too slow to pull out, and you also have to be careful to not end up getting too much bad standing with major factions. But besides that so far I am having fun, getting “decent” income for a Noob.

    1. After your enemy faction standings tank enough, then you might as well join Faction Warfare :)


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