Monday 7 May 2012


There is a lot of ISK to be made selling flavour of the month weaponry and their consumables.  I have made a lot of (WoW) gold catering to those markets. Knowing what players are equipping and when those recommendations change is valuable.

I am not in a position (yet) to seriously chase equipment and supplies sales as I am still on my faction standing grind, but I did find the dev blog's article about the Jita burn event.

It was an interesting read.  I could never imagine Blizzard encouraging the loss of the undereducated's battles (e.g. the breaking of WGClean).  An unnamed CCP senior producer's response was "f*cking brilliant" (direct quote from the dev blog article above).  This isn't carebear school anymore.

But the most valuable item for me to read was the section titled Metrics; listing the top 20 damage done and shots fired.  Sure, I have found recommendations about equipment at Battleclinic; but seeing what was actually consumed was good.  Established PVP'ers would generally already know this information.  As someone who is unlikely to fire many PVP shots, this took "I think" and turned it into "This happened"

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  1. Great Tip, I also stated very recently to venture in EVE lands, see you there.


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