Sunday, 24 June 2012

Buy to haul courtesy of Eve-Central

Today, I needed ISK to do a couple of things in game.  So to make ISK quickly I am looking  to buy from sell orders, and sell to buy orders.  I could do better, but want quick turn around. 

For this, I like the tool that Eve Central has :

There are shortcomings with the data: always out of date (even if only by an hour); can potentially be 'poisoned'; is incomplete.  Does not protect you against players with insufficient funds to fulfill their buy orders (either accidentally or deliberately).

When it works it is nice.

When it doesn't work it still should be OK.

My advice, for what it is worth:
  • Never buy what you can't afford to replace.
  • Diversification lowers risk and potential profit.
  • Don't set yourself up for a suicide gank (i.e. where it is profitable and easy to gank you).  I.e. I wont be carrying a billion isk of cargo in my Iterons.
  • Ensure there are backup buy orders.  I ended up carrying a load of a rarely traded item, without checking and by the time I got there the buy order was gone and there was no backup buy or even sell orders.  Oh well there is always Jita.

How to use it?

Out of game, outside of tools you need to answer the following questions:
  • What ISK and ships and toons are you willing to risk?  
  • Do you have a bias for commodities, larger items, known cargo, new cargo?
  • Where are you willing to fly?
Once you have done this, go to

Click on the 'Search & Display',
Confirm the systems (sometimes asking for for a choice of system)
Confirm your cargo size and other preferences.
Look at the numbers.  Do they make sense to you? If you trade enough unknown items you will end up with lemons.  It always helps to know the options.   If you don't know that the trading is like, the Type is a clickale link to known buy and sell orders.  First some quick statistics
For today, jump to the buy orders and see what and where the demand is.  You want to ensure you are not simply selling to that unusual order.

However this is the start of trading.  If you can make a profit buying from sell orders and selling to buys, imagine buy orders and sell orders for additional (but slower) profit.

For the record I prefer consistently selling commodities over big ticket items.  In the past (and other games) this has been to my advantage and at other times I have missed out on serious game currency (*cough wow trinkets cough*).  So I will usually avoid hauling items to take to a single unknown buyer.

PS.  I had offloaded 90% of those Large remote repair systems within 2 hours

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