Saturday, 9 June 2012

Isk report 9 June 12

Some bloggers love to tell you their success stories.  It's very easy to write about what worked; less easy to write about what didn't.

I've been kicking around Eve for a while - at first just dabbling but now spending more time in here and less in WoW.  I started out with:
  • 1st set of career starter missions (taking so long that I let a couple expire); 
  • L2 distribution missions (Ugg - so little ISK even for a complete newbie); 
  • completed both allied factions starter missions (well worth it - made L4 missions available - and gave a stockpile);
  • Trying my hand at PI in a single 0.9 sytem, selling raw Aqueous liquids because they were the most abundant (Don't do that - really)
  • Ground a little corporation standing with L4 distribution missions (and the occasional L2 to allow Connections to kick in)
  • Tinkering with a bit of trading - in one region - with region wide buy orders of ore; converting it to minerals.
On the 25th May, I decided to start working on my Isk, and actually tracking it.

  • I have been taking snapshots at random times during the day.  The graph above shows the best of any given day's balance.
  • I have margin trading so escrow does not equal buy orders but does represent readily available funds.
  • I have chosen a 'liquidation' value of sales at 50% of the sell price.  Given that the majority of my sales are currently minerals with buy prices at 90-95% of the current sell values this is incredibly conservative.
  • I do not include the value of stock on hand (not in a sell order), ships, or training in the above graph.  While stuff sitting in a dock somewhere does have value, it won't give me ISK until I get around to putting it on the market.

What happened:
  • Week 1 was fantastic : 
    • doubling my ISK by trading - woo hoo
    • Gallante based (largely Sing Liason) region.  
    • Buy orders on Veldspar, refine and haul to market hub.
  • Week 2 was bad : 
    • Expanded into into new regions; Metropolis and  Hek.
    • Lots of work; running very hard just to stand still.
    • not quite as bad as it seems as 
      • purchased Wholesale costing 25% (31M) of my funds
      • Spent 10% (13M) on PI infrastructure.  I may end up throwing some of this away due to non-efficient setup.
    • But still bad
      • 1 lightly tanked Iteron I (1M)  no cargo (outward journey)
      • One tanked Iteron IV (10M) with a 10M cargo load (return journey)
      • All in the new regions that I expanded into. Mmmm  There be pirates here.
Current plans:
  • Train access to research agents.
  • Get a (better) clue on PI.
  • Add new buy orders to quieter regions for region.  Miners like quiet; Pirates don't.
  • Phase out region buy orders around Hek and Rens, letting the existing ones expire.
  • For the ore buy orders fulfilled behind a camped losec system is to fly out to the station in a freighter, refine it, bring back any high value minerals that fit in the freighter and sell the remaining minerals at a discount.  Freighters appear to be hard to pin down even when actively chased by pirates.

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  1. I am doing it the "other way", 90% pf my ISK income comes from making L3 Security Missions, in Hig Sec. Was also lucky t make a business to get 100 mil in a contact.

    Currently waiting for skills to train for using a dominix for some L4 missions.

    So ISK from mission+ loot sold at maket =166 mil so far, cont complain for the few hour I have available to play.


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