Friday, 29 June 2012

Hisec simple extraction PI

I am finally working out where I am putting at least some of my Losec PI installations; with the post of what and where later. 

As part of my building my P4 planet, I threw up some basic extraction planets without much investigation to see what I could achieve with them.

I have decided, in part, on some Losec systems, and as part of that I am dismantling my Hisec ones, taking anything that is profitable.  I have my P4 planet that is currently pulling 3.6M / day but is 'needy'.  I also have some initial planets simply extracting on a 'get back to it later' basis. 

One of my planets I now want to pull down has been extracting biofuels.  Biofuels have a 50 ISK/unit export tax on a 10% (eg any Hisec) customs house.  There are Dodixie buy orders for 51 ISK, and sell orders for 52 ISK.  I don't think I paid any attention when setting this up.

I am in the process of setting up on a world with a Losec 3% Player Corporation owned Customs office, having a mere 15 ISK/unit export tax; at the expense of safety and distance from Dodixie.

Ignoring transport costs, 900,000 units would need to be shifted to even justify building a lauchpad (it doesn't have one yet).  I have about 300,000 units sitting on the planet.  Emotionally I want to recover the investment already spent on this planet (a sunk cost fallacy),  and with effort might be able to recover something.  The reality is that I should write it off as a bad investment.

The same Biofuel factory from the new 3% planets would only cost 15 ISK/unit in tax remove from the planet; a much better proposition. 

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