Thursday, 7 June 2012

Planetary Interaction - Hisec

I have been playing with Planetary Interaction (PI), and it is it's own mini-game for spreadsheet junkies.

You can simply jump in and do it and get some nasty surprises; or you can do your research.  I have included links at the bottom of this page.  Some links I found useful are also duplicated in this post.

In it's simplest form PI is easy;
  • Train the required skills (All useful; Remote Sensing 1 appears to be mandatory)
  • Find a planet
  • Jump to system; place a command center
  • Place your extractors and start them
  • Optionally 
    • Build a storage facility
    • Build some processing plants for phase 1 processing
    • Build some processing plants for phase 2 processing
  • Build a lauchpad
  • Link everything up making sure everything is routed correctly
  • Keep an eye on things and fill your launchpad
  • Once your lauchpad is full 
    • jump to system
    • launch your stuff
    • loot the customs office
    • haul your stuff
    • sell your stuff
You can even skip the extraction phase and import all your materials, and just do the processing.

Where the complexity come in:
  • Deciding what to extract or process.  As always I let the market tell me what is valuable.
    • Are you going to extract hard to get low availability items for a higher price?
    • Are you going to extract abundant but cheaper items?
  • Choose your security:
    • Hisec (with high taxes; poorer extraction; low risk of pirates); 
    • Losec (potentially lower taxes; higher extraction; high risk of pirate); and/or 
    • Nullsec (??)
    • Wormhole (??)
  • Are you going to specialize your planets to one item or try to build a manufacturing chain.
I have chosen Hisec PI largely because I want to avoid pirates, and a 0.5 system to maximise resources from them.

I started off with the 'jump in and get a nasty surprise' approach.   My surprise was in Hisec PI taxes.  By simply taking my goods off planet - I had to pay 50% of my expected sales in up front taxes.  Uggh.  Most of the articles I read neglect to mention this trivial item.

Hisec taxec for PI per unit (Assuming I have read it correctly; and it fits with what I paid in taxes on my first haul of raw mats)
Item levelexport taximport tax

(If this table is wrong for hisec; please let me know and I will fix it)

This means those micro-organism and noble gas buy orders I see at 0.4 ISK are below the cost to lift it from the surface.

So far I am trying a couple of planets to see what works.  But if you have plans on selling hisec raw PI stuff, mine the mats that sells for more than tax.



  1. Selling the raw mats is about the worst thing you can do. Process them to P1 first. P1 take up a lot less volume than raw mats and the export tax will be a much smaller percentage of the sales value too.

  2. has a nice click once chart to show interactions


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