Monday, 17 June 2013

Bashing down a player owned customs office

Last post I talked about bashing down a NPC (Interbus) customs office, and the hours of fun that entails.
A player owned customs office (POCO) is very similar but:
  • Players might decide to pay attention to the warning mail and get interested.  I have only ever bashed down in abandoned wormholes, so have not had to concern myself too much.
  • You may not have to bash down at all, and may instead be able to buy the customs office, assuming that the owning corp is online, but no longer living in the system.
  • POCO's reinforce when they get to 25%. 
  • The good news is that you don't have to bash down the last 25% of the shield.  I you only have 'just enough' DPS, this is a good thing, as most of that 25% still has a very high shield regeneration rate.  For those bringing several thousand DPS or more, that is less of an issue, but 25% less damage required is still a bonus. 
  • The other good news is that you have nothing to shoot at for between 24 & 48 hours, as the customs office becomes immune to all attacks ('Reinforced')
  • The bad news is that, as the attacker, you can not control when the customs office comes out of re-inforcement, it might be during your evetime, or it might be when you are at work/study, or even soundly asleep.
  • There is a great big timer stating when the POCO comes out of re-inforcement, visible to everyone in the system.  Due to my choice of systems to bash in,  I have not had to worry about owners showing up, but 'curious visitors' can see when you should turn up.
For those that don't know, a re-inforced POCO:
  • Is immune to all damage
  • Can still be used to transfer PI to/from planet.  ( disagrees, but I recall using re-inforced offices - I think)
  • Shows a timer of how long until the POCO can be shot at again.
  • This timer will initially be between 24 and 48 hours, and is preset be the defending corp plus or minus a random time not more than an hour.
  • Will come out of re-inforce with zero shield.
  • Is 'safe' at 25%. That is, it will re-enter reinforcement, if damaged back down to 25%
  • A rookie frigate immediately after becoming vulnerable can keep POCO shields suppressed.  A basic cruiser 20 minutes later might not be able to do so.  Turn up with something as soon as re-inforce finishes.


  1. If you are after required DPS on bashes, please also see Wormhole Interbus Customs Office Bash

  2. I recently re-entered EVE after a long break. I have many assets on Hi-Sec planets 0.6 Systems. As a 20 man corp, is it possible to take these down in a typical War Dec? The owner is a 1 man corp with no alliances and refuses or is unable/unwilling to respond to communications.

    1. Yes : A moderately skilled afk battleship pulls 600dps is more than enough. 3 of these turns afk into at keyboard. A wardec lasts 7 days, and you only need 2 sittings up to 2 days apart.


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