Monday, 23 September 2013

And the walls come tumbling down

The important timer happens.  Their re-inforcement timer finishes and they become vulnerable.

It's a week-day timer for me; I should be at work.  Instead I am home sick (really), and I eventually manage to log on.

Their POS is smashed. They lose 2 T3 strategic cruisers.  Rumour has it they have thrown everything valuable into an industrial and logged out, and maybe another T3 strategic cruiser also logged out.

One of our POS come out of re-inforcement at this time; no one thinks they will even attempt to meet the timers, especially with lots of friendly ships online and around.

Daktaklakpak. and Cold Moon Destruction have successfully completed the reverse eviction. (Both are recruiting), leave with a 'call us if they turn up again', and head off to both sleep and then cause mischief in other parts of space.

We set up a flytrap POS where theirs was, or at least where we think theirs was.  There is still some discussion about where a POS will be placed by the game. "Center of grid",  whatever that means, but comparing bookmarks (old and new) make us think we are in the right spot.

Now, a flytrap POS, for our purposes at least, is a deathstar POS, mostly surrounded by warp disruption bubbles.  We made mistakes in setting up, we know this.  (As in not much point in having guns anchored when most of our ammo is back at the main tower)

The flytrap still had a kill, followed shortly by 

For those that don't like following links to other sites; that kill is our POS tower destroying a Bestower full of expensive but portable items, followed by the POS destroying a rookie ship with the same pilot a few minutes later.

Moral of this story.  Don't log out on all your alts in your POS.  When logging in your industrial in a hostile system, ensure the space is clear.

I do not consider myself bloodthirsty by nature.  I still took great delight in knowing we had organised those reports.  Tower defence games at their best.

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