Friday, 20 September 2013

Keeping Watch

At the end of my last post, their POS was under re-inforcement and completely bubbled.  Our medium POS was also re-inforced but not bubbled.  A POCO had just come out of reinforcement, but with the number of 'us' online, there is no risk of loss.

The combined natives (us) and our newfound friends (Cold Moon Destruction and Daktak), had plans on shutting them down inside their bubbled POS.

Maintaining a 24 hour/day watch, in sufficient numbers, is a task. 

The defenders have the choice of when to make a break for it.  They can organise to check for attackers and 'make a concerted push' at a time that suits them, and at a time that does not suit you.

You do leave a few online.  Your bluff is that your allies are only a 'batphone' away.  Sometimes this is true; other times your allies are asleep.  Even a failed break-away attempt brings the attackers the cost of additional needed surveillance.  For defenders, feints are worth considering.

The besieged, with their re-inforced POS, can no longer empty large POS storage arrays (LSAA, CHA), but can use ship maintenance arrays.  If the besieged overwhelm the standing guard, it can take minutes (or hours) to get reinforcements online; in which time their escape with the most valuable items has already happened.

We know; we have now been both the siegers and the beseiged.  In both instances, there were gaps with those standing guard.

Guard duty, staring at the same screen for many hours straight, is a tiring job. Especially on the back of a grind of POS re-inforcement.

While we were sieging, they broke one of the warp disruption bubbles, and even managed to re-inforce our small pos and a few more customs offices.  The purpose of the small pos was as time sink and backup ammo store, so I am pleased it was paid attention.  I noticed that they left our large POS alone (now with a huge number of backup guns; Please let this be a huge number.).  As residents, we should have been more on the ball.  Our new friends were spending time; we could have spent more.

When we got organised, we replaced the broken bubble (with a few large T1's,  so much smaller than the T2's).  But we had to be online and pay attention. 

We are now waiting for their re-inforcement timer.  Much better than waiting for ours.


  1. Enjoying your story :0 Would it not have been easier to pay (and cheaper) or were you just not interested in paying pirates?

    We have had this decision a couple of times, once we didn't pay and although they were driven away it cost us a lot more money than if we had just paid them to leave us.

  2. I am not terribly well disposed to demands.

    I have used ISK to get myself out of a situation before; but not before putting up the best defence I could.

    There are also many references in Eve were demands were paid, yet players were destroyed anyway.

    Even industrialists can enjoy the tension of 'for real' invasions.

  3. :) Thanks for the blog.

    The world of hiring Merc is a difficult one to get an ear to. Can you say how much you paid them to help you? Would help knowing for if it should ever happen to us.

    Many thanks

  4. Hiya Paul.

    I will write up something as part of the industry defence series.


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