Tuesday, 17 September 2013


All groups have times that all are on; and only a few are on.  Even in that recent large null war; groups set timers for when they thought it would disadvantage the enemy.

Maintaining a lockdown for 24 hours is difficult, tiring, boring. While they are locking a system down, they are not out earning ISK, pvping or otherwise doing enjoyable activities.  They almost certainly will be dual tasking, doing another activity somewhere.

We had been locked down, our wormhole exit bubbled and guarded.  Our POS had not yet been re-inforced.  We had industrials, but not enough on field to force our way out.  And we had a ransom demand.

I had already managed to sneak in a large tower, fuel and some fittings, and a ship or 2.

We were watching for a time with only a few of them on. They were watching us watch them.

They held the wormhole to an otherwise unknown system. I had sister scanning gear.  I scanned down the exit, and chatted to friends.  Many friends.

They were secure in their bubble camp on our wormhole.  I had a stealth bomber.  I stealthed past their camp, and found an exit, and as such, also an entrance.  This was a critical turning point.

Remember what I said in the last post about remembering what ships are there?  PVP'ers like taking out *bling*.  2 T3 ships guarding the highsec exit count as bling.  I asked for help.  I offered a couple of Tengus as targets. 

An ex-corp member who moved into Daktaklakpak. brought a corp member to play with our unwelcome guests.  Daktak also brought a Cold Moon Destruction member to play (I think this was when Cold Moon destruction turned up; it was a bit of a blur).  Loot filled Tengus in shootable space are apparently attractive targets.

And play they did.  Our contribution? We had online a fleet of industrials keeping those tengu's interested.  Well I think it was a little more than that; I think we did have one combat ship on grid.

Daktak and Cold Moon turned up, and we spent the time stripping the furniture and and silverware dumping it into the nearest highsec station.

As part of this I made to make a call.  I could dual box industrials and haul everything myself, or I could give other online players additional permissions.  I don't have a lot of time.  Configuring POS permissions, saying you have access to this division takes time.  I knew that we needed to get stuff out.  Several hauling members simply got director permissions during the evac.

Before we started, one of our members said you could not send a c1 wormhole critical without going mad. 

Our new found friends kept our unwelcome guests busy.  We kept busy with a constant stream of industrials.  We would jump our full industrials into highsec fly to station, then return empty.  As we jumped back into our C1, we were usually followed by first the unwelcome guests, and then by Daktak/Cold Moon.  Our unwelcome guests would then jump back to highsec, unwilling to field T3's vs our industrials.  Sometimes we did take a bit of shield damage; but that was mostly all.

Our new friends however were quite concerned that the wormhole was shrinking at an alarming rate.  If the wormhole went critical, they were gone.  If it got boring, they were gone.  I assured them that I appreciated their time and while they were happy to stay, we were happy to shuttle stuff.

During this time, our unwelcome guests contacted me, dropping the the value of the request for ISK to half of what was originally asked for.  I said that I still had to receive a response from their references before we knew what we were doing.

Well, I don't know if we were mad or not, but we certainly collapsed the N110 (1,000,000,000 kg's) with industrials weighing 13,500,000kg.

Our friends left, as promised when the wormhole went critical.  Our uninvited guests also left the field, leaving only a heavy interdiction cruiser (HIC) on the wormhole.

This is when the only loss of the night happened, one of our pilots had gone to get pizza, and was not paying attention in the right channel.  He came back to fly one last trip, straight into the HIC bubble.

The HIC pilot, slightly bored, turned off his bubble, and went to loot the ship, and blow it up.  We had eyes on the wormhole in a cloaked scanner, and got yet another ship out while the HIC was out of place.  The HIC pilot moved back into place, and we went afk. 

An hour later, with the wormhole clearly critical, even the HIC pilot logged out, and we resumed hauling.

We got as far as moving low value gas before the wormhole broke entirely.

At the end of the Evacuation, we still have in our C1:
  • 1 Large tower (new and partially set up)
  • 1 Medium tower (old but reconfigured)
  • 1 Small tower (even older and a backup ammo supply, also belong to another of our corps)
  • A full set of customs offices
  • Some really bulky yet low value gas and ore.
We are in a much better position.  What could possibly go wrong?

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