Monday, 16 September 2013

Industry and handling attacks

You might have been wardecced. Your low / null / wormhole POS or POCO might be under attack.

Two options spring to mind: Stand up or Roll over (you can even do a mix of both).

Don't panic; well not too much anyway. Those attacking you have more experience, but you don't need to be helpless.

I will talk to anyone, any time.  Hostile, Friendly or Neutral (if there is such a thing - maybe in highsec).  Calm, rational, approachable.  Cautiously honest.  Give as little information as possible, but don't be afraid of asking open questions.  Avoid closed questions, you need to discuss with corp members before you can answer them.

Treat hostiles like you would external auditors in real life.  Don't volunteer information.  Avoid lying if at all possible. If you do need to lie, avoid getting caught.

You need time.

Before rolling over, you want references.  There are many players out there that will offer a ransom then blow you up anyway.  There are others that stick to their word, but if you already are paying a ransom, you have little method of re-inforcing ethical behaviour.

Play for time. Talk is cheap. It costs no ISK to ask what your attackers requests are.

Do they have references that they honored previous ransoms? You need time to contact those players and research that they are legitimate. No point whatsoever paying a ransom to known scammers.

Did the last group that paid ransom get visited by another group soon after?

 What pilots, ships have you seen.  Write both down.

What to do with that time

Look at the corporation's bio, their pilots on evegate, their killboard, their current wardecs, eve who for a list of pilot names.

You have a chat log; for me, on windows 8, it is in  <user>\Documents\EVE\logs\Chatlogs.  This will help you remember conversations and pilot names.

Corp Evemails will show what infrastructure has been attacked.

Eve NPC locator agents will help to see if they are in relevant regions. Now you have a clue what you are up against.

What times are they active? Kill logs will show this.

If it is a highsec wardec corp with multiple wardecs, Use third party couriers like red frog. Keep a low profile, or simply create a new corp. Many highsec wardec corps will drop the dec with no action after a few weeks.

Put any POS into your choice of offensive/defensive configuration, with all industry offline.  Review your POCO re-inforcement times.  Do they suit you?  Can you make the times difficult for them.

If hostiles have been seen knocking at your front door, it is time to phone a friend. Do not beg or  demand.  Offer the opportunity to those PVP inclined.  Bribery works.  Let me pay for your ammo.  There are mercenary corps out there.  If it is a choice between paying 1, 2, or 10B for an unknown group of pirates, or 1, 2, or 10B for a merc corp to rescue you, what would you prefer?

If someone has recently attacked them in numbers, contact their enemies.  The enemy of my enemy might be my friend.

This is a post that will most likely live a long time, and have changing availability, so I will not list current merc corps.

Possible links :
Remember how I told you above about recording what ships?  Some players especially like blowing up expensive stuff. T3, Capitals, T2 battleships. While I have never seen one, players will fly across the universe in a rookie frigate to get on a titan killmail.

Phone a friend.  Do your friends have bored PVP friends.

Probable posts coming soon:  Evacuation (at least of industry), Fight, Plan C, Clean-up.

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