Thursday 26 September 2013

Research numbers

A corp member would like me to do some research for him.  That makes sense to me, I have specialised research skills that take time to get; he does not. 

Please find below the email exchange, including his request and my response

From: <xx suppressed xx>
Sent: 2013.09.16 21:18
To: DoToo Foo, 


Do you have time to research some BPO's for me?

I'm interested in the following BPO's:

Hobgoblin I Blueprint
Cap Booster 50 Blueprint
Phased Plasma S Blueprint
Incursus Blueprint

If you could come up with a price for those BPO's ME researched.
Re: Research
From: DoToo Foo
Sent: 2013.09.18 13:12
To: <xx suppressed xx>


Absolutely happy to research for you.

I do my research (primarily) in POS.  We are currently charging our highsec researchers 11,500 isk/hour for ME (Materiel Efficiency) (10,000 isk/hour for wh based research).  I suppose I should also charge a token for the use of the character research slot, but lets ignore that for the time being.

The question is how much isk/how long you wanted the research to be done.  POS based research is faster.

The other thing with research is that 1 point of ME has a huge impact; the 10th point of ME research less so, and the 90th point very little.

Hobgoblin I has an ideal ME of 91, taking 5 days, 17 hours, each ME takes me 1h 30.
Cap Booster 50 has an ideal ME of 90 taking 1 day 10 hours; each ME takes 23 minutes
Phase plasma S has an ideal ME of 29, taking 1 day 4 hours; each ME takes 57 minutes
Incursus has an ideal ME of 2400, taking 1875 *DAYS*; each ME takes 19 hours. 

To put the Incursus in perspective:
0ME : unit cost 328,453 ISK
1ME : unit cost of 313,026 ISK
10ME : unit cost of 300,672 ISK
50ME : unit cost of 298,671 ISK
1000ME : unit cost of 298,133 isk
2400ME : unit cost of 298,119 ISK

A rule of thumb is nothing needs more than a month of ME research.

0 ME has 10% waste
1 ME has 5% waste
10 ME has 0.9% waste
50 ME has 0.2% waste
Ideal ME has no waste.  That is the rounding errors on the formula is less than 1 unit of any mat.

So in summary, what ME do you want on each blueprint?


  1. I advise to buy copies of my cap booster 50 and hobgoblin I BPO's.
    ME 1-3 for the Phased Plasma M and incursus.

    My original repy turned into a complete post ....


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