Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Siege in earnest

After our evacuation of our industry, we looked around. They had set up a POS. One does not set up a medium POS for a random frigate roam.

I didn't know.  Bless. (Regular readers may already know I use bless as replacement for other words, but even I had to go back and edit this one.)  Ok. We thought they were trouble.  Now I know it.

Check the configuration of our large and medium POS. No we are still not happy, but it was not terrible. I hope. Finish moving everything we can into the large tower. 

The large tower will be our line of defence; as strong as I can make it given the time we have.  The medium will have some life in it.  The small tower?  It's job is as a small timesink, nothing more or less; token defences.

I can't fly some of the ships.  I can't even look at the contents of our Personal Hanger Array, let alone move stuff out of it.  Some members have not logged in before the siege started.

So now we wait, but not for long.

Next time I log in; and a couple of customs offices are re-inforced.  Our medium tower is under attack.  Joy to all (or at least to some). 

Ok. Get my POS gunner online.  That most worthy of all pilots that will lay waste to the heathens at the gates and save us all.  Or otherwise known as the pilot that could get an oracle well into armour before the dual basilisks counter my most ... ineffective of attacks.  I really need to read up on POS gunning, or have another gunner available.  I try neuting the basilisks, but that seems to fail as well.

The helpful peanut gallery on various neutral and friendly chat channels suggests that a second gunner will really help with the focussing; I can neut the basilisks and then focus fire an oracle.  (requiring several guns all locked at the same time).  I can't pull it off, and instead, just concentrate on putting additional guns online.  I thought I had a lot of guns?  I was so wrong.

While this is happening, I am in discussions with their diplomat. Mmm. We still had not heard back from their references.  Oh we can still contact them?  But you won't stop shooting until we pay?  You won't actually destroy anything structural until we have another chance to talk?  Of course that is generous; the timers seem to suggest you will leave it 36 hours anyway.

Things are decidedly looking grim.  On the plus side, the evacuation yesterday went well.  They are attacking our medium POS, and not our large one. 

Spread my alts, and log scanners out deep in space.

All is not lost, but things are looking grim.  I am however considering options.  Fight? Surrender? Tough it out and bunker up, replacing anything destroyed later?  Setting up in a new wormhole? Moving everyone to our other wormhole? Plan C?

I always have a Plan C.  I mention Plan C to a couple of people to see if it is as crazy as it seems.  It is, but just might work.  But wow, lets keep that one to one side for now; no going back from that one in a hurry.

I am not pre-disposed to surrender.  Play for time, see what options come about. Make opportunities.  Talk.  Think.  Read.  Sleep.

Ps: yes, there are things I could have done differently, and suggestions, recommendations are welcome in comments.  There is however a delayed broadcast; and the events have already unfolded well beyond these posts.  Those that were involved know the outcome. Those with sufficient investigation skills could work it out.  For the rest of you, come back for the next post.


  1. I know what I'd do.

    I'd find out who their enemies are and hire those enemies to attack them.


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