Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Keeping your Research POS (slightly) safe

In Eve, a little paranoia is a good thing.  They really are out to get you.  I have never let that stop me.

Today's post is a note about Higsec research; and not the story that this commenter wants me to tell (and yes, in Eve, I have been busy.  A story for another day).

The good news is that a highsec POS can only be taken down by a wardec.  Concord will turn up in any higsec system before you POS is in trouble.  As such, you can have a 100% research/industry POS. 

The bad news is that wardecs are not that hard to organise; though you will get warning. 

To minimise the risk of wardecs to get your POS location, you need to be stronger than POS one over from you.  Unless it is personal, given a choice of a moderatly defended POS, and an undefended one, a rational 'pirate' would prefer to take the undefended POS.  There are plenty of those around.

Anchor a full set of offensive/defensive modules.  Multiple POS gunners are useful (Starbase Defense Management; requiring Anchoring 5).  If you have a Caldari tower, and many research POS are; you could anchor your bonused missiles; but be aware they go offline when your POS is re-inforced.  Have something else anchored to take their place.

Learn how to fit a fighting POS even if you think you will never need to. I am influenced by my wormhole background, so keep handy.

Keep your blueprint originals in an NPC station.  It not only is easier to use, but BPO's also won't be destroyed if the worst comes to it.

Learn Scientific networking and do your copying, ME and PE science remotely.  Again, not only is it easier (my researchers are also traders and manufacturers), but locator agents can not give away the location of your research POS if you are not in that system.

If you do get wardecced, and it happens, strip your labs of anything not used for defense; mats for invention, blueprint copies, offline your research modules and online your defences.  You could even unanchor modules if they are worth more than the jobs they have in them.  Ensure you have sufficient online defences.  Ensure you have spare batteries. 

When onlining defences, have a countdown timer with a buzzer.  My android phone has one; you can find these on the web as web pages.  Use an alarm clock; anything.  The two minute timer to online stuff becomes very tedious to look at when onlining all those modules.

If the unfortunate happens, and your POS is knocked over, so be it; PVP players sometimes lose their ships; industrialists sometimes lose their infrastructure.  Pick yourself up; your BPO's were safely in their NPC station.  You lost your POS and any in progress jobs; but it is not the end of the world. 

Questions to ask yourself.  Was the area too congested?  Was it personal?  Did you have the weakest POS? weakest community? 

Put your POS into perspective; Your POS is expensive; that fuel to run it is even more expensive.  You replace fuel every month.  Pick yourself up, fix what went wrong, and set up again.

When the aggressors have moved on and the wardec finished, if the POS is still standing; you can online your research, and carry on, again asking yourself the questions above, and fixing what went wrong.

There is another post (or 3) coming soon about getting help, and the value of knowing what to look for, and remembering what you have seen.


  1. Maybe a dickstar pos is better than guns/missiles: anchor lot of resistors and ECM modules. So the attackers have to shoot for loooooong time while at the keyboard, always relocking the POS after the ECM broke their lock.

    1. POS defence depends a on situational awareness. When getting Wardecced for a HiSec POS, get intel. Based on that Intel decide to refit it to the most optimal setup to deter the enemy. It's a big difference if you get a 10 or 100 character corp, and where you are located. Do they want it for themselves (Near to their home systems?), and they will put up manpower to kill it because they want the spot. You were probably the weakest link: Tear it down and get another one. 10 man? Go dickstar. 100 man corps are more likely to bring people, so get a good setup and be active as well. Check their Timezones. If you're off theirs, try to rep, else get Gunners. You might still lose, but make it heavy on their wallet.

      It all depends on the overall situation. It always does.

    2. Accidentally deleted a paragraph and can't edit:

      This is for HiSec, you have a day of time to react. For others, timing and preparation is way more important.

  2. Dickstar, Deathstar; depends on your who they have and who you have.

    I have at times set up both.


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