Saturday, 21 September 2013

Industrial Corporations

Gevlon asks why there are no industrial corporations?  

I think they already exist.  However due to mechanics (kill own members without issues, lack of POS security for more than 7 players, wardecs), many are small scale events.

To a degree, any corp advertising as a research, mining corp, manufacturing or trade is your 'industrial corporation'.  Well, those with more than 3 pilots maybe.

I am not sure at what point the combined Foo corps would be considered 'an industrial corporation' by Gevlon's definitions.  I had a look at our numbers, and am considering that just maybe, we are becoming one.  We make the best we can of existing corporation mechanics.

It could be that because we are wormhole based, missing the empire facilities that many players are accustomed to, that a corporation to provide these services makes sense in here.

We even have a touch of his 'exploitation' in that we have a buying program paying a little less than players will get in trade hubs.

If you are interested in a PI based wormhole corporation, please see

Ps.  the Industry defence series will continue on Monday.


  1. Gevlon can be an idiot, i ignore him for the most part.

  2. A 3 or 7-man corp isn't really a corp. Just like you and your 10 alts are not a corp. I was talking about serious corps with significant level of employees.

  3. Ok. Then I know why there are no wormhole industrial corps according at least as far as Gevlon is concerned.

    The seven player limit imposed by game mechanics. Not limited by alts, just players.

  4. Pure industral corps just make a big target of themselves. You need pvp-ers to defend assets. That means you are no longer a pure indy corp.

    We shouldn't have coalitions, alliances and corporations the way we have now.
    For example the CFC coalition should be turned into an alliance.
    The current alliances turned into corporations within this alliance. And the current corporations would be split up into divisions.

    Then you have a big alliance, beneath it corporations with their own identity and each corp can still have a pvp, pve, logistics or other divisions.


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