Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tables turned (again)

For a space ship shooting game, I spend a remarkably little amount of time shooting things.  Except for the odd customs office.

Logging in, finding a tower, and a some customs offices under re-inforcement, is ... well not part of my normal plans for the day.  Well, in this instance it was expected, just not desirable.

What was of interest, was the other fleet in system.  Very merrily beating up on a tower.  In the final stages of bringing a POS into re-inforcement.  Their tower, not mine.

My new found friends from Daktaklakpak. and Cold Moon Destruction had turned up, and had brought lots of ships.  They said they might, but I was not expecting this many.

They took one look at my ship, and told me to go and refit.  The wormhole was open.  Go directly to trade hub; do not pass go; do spend some ISK.

There was little chance I was going to have a meaningful impact on the POS re-inforcement.  I don't need kill mails; I have lots of them ... as the target.

I heard that some were running low on T2 ammo.  I offered to buy.  They put in orders for lots.  One may suspect that they might just have asked for more ammo than they used.  I really don't care.  If you are going to shoot things in my defence, you may have all the ammo you want.  Thousands of rounds of T2 laser crystals might be used, or might be simply used another day.  I will cope either way.

The other thing that was wanted was T2 Large Mobile Warp Disruptor bubbles.  At this point, I could launch t1 mediums, but never had.  6 * T2 larges are not exactly cheap; but won't break the bank.  They were going to cage the opposition POS.

I flew back home, this time with a Nereus rather than my POCO bash fit Myrmidon.  Ammo plus interdiction spheres.  Refill the ammo supplies of those wanting it. 

Wait just a bit .... There. The hostile tower is re-inforced.  And their timer is during some of our friends peak online time.  This looks good.

Now comes the icing on the cake.  Their POS is then surrounded by the 6 T2 bubbles, blanketing their POS.  They simply can not enter warp.  I didn't grab a screenshot unfortunately, but for those that spend time scanning; think 6 probes blanketing a signature, fully overlapping.

A wormhole guard is set, and we do a bit of tidying up.

I think that we might just come out of this in one piece.

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